PRODUCT | QuickBooks Sign Up Interface

ROLE | Lead designer

YEAR | 2017

RELEASED TO | US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and France

PROJECT GOAL | To create a sign up experience to (1) allow users to sign up using their Google accounts, (2) improve the Intuit ecosystem account creation experience, and (3) add additional security experiences after users create their accounts.


  1. Understand the requirements & landscape: As part of the account creation team, it was important that I understood the intricacies around Intuit accounts and using these accounts to access our product experience through working remotely with the Intuit ecosystem design team and truly gaining empathy for global ecosystem design methods. In addition to that, I worked with Intuit’s top security and compliance team and SVP to better understand the stance Intuit wants to take when it comes to the importance of users’ financial data and information.

  2. Go broad & iterate: Based on my understanding of the Intuit ecosystem account requirements, the security requirements, and our product needs of making the account creation experience easier and faster for users to go through, I brainstormed a variety of ways to accomplish our ecosystem needs along with product experience needs. I then narrowed to concepts that were distinctly different from one another to bring to the Intuit leadership legal and security council for review.

  3. Establish the flow: From there, I worked with the product and security teams to better understand the security requirements to establish various use cases and flows for what the experience would be like to sign up with a Google account (lower security level) but then introduce a higher-security experience at different moments of the user’s experience.

  4. Push what’s possible: While the Intuit ecosystem design team is put in place to create and maintain patterns and systems that span across countries and financial products, my responsibility lied in protecting the small business customer end-to-end journey in the QuickBooks marketing to product experience. I worked with and influenced the Intuit ecosystem leadership team to create new models of fixed, flexible, and free for the account creation experience to meet both their requirements and optimize for our users’ experiences.


  • 103% lift in sign-ups

  • 102% lift in gross new subscribers

  • Solid partnership with the Intuit ecosystem team

  • An account creation experience that flexes for product needs while maintaining ecosystem requirements