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Banking First time use

Role: Lead designer


Project goal

Create a delightful & confidence-inspiring first time use experience for small business owners who have little to no accounting knowledge or experience in reviewing, categorizing, and accepting their transactions to their "books"


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Define the problem

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Understand the target user

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Go broad with ideas

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Define the product vision

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Narrow & test concepts

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Refine concepts

Final designs


$24 million in incremental revenue

10% more customers returned to use the product

2% conversion increase

Her ability to bring people together is unparalleled. This unique skill has worked very well in her favor as demonstrated by her boundary-less role in driving XD… Additionally, Courtney is a tireless user advocate and can be counted on to keep the team grounded on customer empathy as it applies to an XD throughout the design process.
— Jennifer M., Lead Product Manager
Courtney was a delight to work with…(she) had vision and was decisive in her work. The design of the first-time-use experience was top-notch, and through the design and dev cycles, she always had the customer’s experience as her primary focus, while ensuring that she interfaced with developers to drive for results.
— Happy S., Lead Engineer