PRODUCT | QuickBooks Global Banking

ROLE | Lead designer

YEAR | 2016

RELEASED TO | US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and France

PROJECT GOAL | To create a delightful and confidence-instilling first time use banking experience for small business owners who have little to no accounting knowledge or experience in accounting, bookkeeping, or professional finance.


  1. Define the problem: I took a bookkeeping course and understood the product experience that existed to better understand why decisions were made and what counts as compliant bookkeeping.

  2. Understand our target user: Based on our user data, we understood that the majority of QuickBooks users have little to no accounting knowledge or experience, so I lead, organized, and facilitated over 15 1-hour long research sessions with our target demographic to better understand their mental models, pain, and experiences going through the banking experience that existed in product.

  3. Go broad: From there, I started to go broad with a brainstorm and sketch out all of the ideas I had that might resolve the pains and problems I had identified in my research sessions.

  4. Define the vision: To garner organizational support and determine the future experience our first release would work towards, I established a 3-year our product experience vision story.

  5. Narrow and test concepts: I started to narrow in on concepts and determined where this experience would live within the broader QuickBooks architecture by establishing design principles, testing concepts with users, and determining the optimal business impact.

  6. Refine concepts: Working with my product management lead and engineering lead, we established scope for our first release. I refined my concepts and built out the full end-to-end user experience complete with all of the various side cases that might pop up along the way.


  • Business results include over $24 million in incremental revenue, 10% more customers returned to use the product, and 2% conversion increase

  • Based on qualitative interviews, users were more confident in the value QuickBooks was providing their small business in helping them get their finances organized

  • Engineering lead, Happy S., said about partnership: “Courtney was a delight to work with…(she) had vision and was decisive in her work. The design of the first time use experience was top-notch, and through the design and dev cycles, she always had the customer’s experience as her primary focus, while ensuring that she interfaced with developers to drive for results”