Sign up with Google

Role: Lead designer


Project Goal

To allow users to sign up for QuickBooks using their Google account while maintaining the same level of security required for QuickBooks accounts

To improve the ecosystem account creation experience to be more user-focused and less systems-focused 



Understand the requirements

As part of the project we wanted to launch a test with both the QuickBooks and Intuit ecosystem experiences and so I needed to understand the requirements for both experiences


Establish the user flow

Working with the securities team, ecosystems team, product marketing team, development team, and leadership team I established what the various use cases and experiences would be for account creation


Push what's possible

To minimize the shock of experience going from a QuickBooks branded-experience to an Intuit ecosystem-experience, I lead a workshop with the ecosystem design team to create a spectrum of options we could then use to discuss with the leadership and legal teams


Narrow and iterate

Based on conversations with the QuickBooks product leaders, I narrowed to three concepts I then tested with users to better understand whether or not our ecosystem goal was still achieved with the added product experience flair. From testing I then narrowed even further to the final designs


3 point lift in sign-ups

2 point lift in GNS

Solid partnership with the Intuit ecosystem team

Added additional product-focus flexibility for future iterations