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PRODUCT | QuickBooks Global Payroll

ROLE | Lead designer

YEAR | 2018

PROJECT GOAL | To lead a workshop in which the global payroll team creates an inspirational internal 3-year out vision of what it’d be like for small business employers to use QuickBooks to manage their workforce.


  1. Craft the workshop: I designed a 3-day internal workshop that consisted of engineering leads, product management leads, compliance leads, customer support leads, data analyst leads, and marketing leads to conduct activities that enabled the creation our end-goal of the vision experience, the synergy across cross-functional partners, and the insight into just how important designers are to an organization.

  2. Ground the team on a shared foundation: In order to rally the cross-functional team on the same mission and understand why a vision experience is needed, I crafted a story of the history of the global payroll organization at Intuit and our market opportunity.

  3. Research: In addition to over 25 1-hour long research sessions I conducted prior to the workshop, I organized over 10 in-person interviews that I split up teams to conduct across the Greater London region so that the team could better empathize for and understand our target demographic. I provided each team with an interview guide to help steer conversations and an interview notes guide so research first-timers could find just as much value as a seasoned researcher.

  4. Synthesize learnings: I then brought the team back together and facilitated the synthesis of our learnings to identify the facts, attributes, qualities, and responsibilities of employers and their day-to-day lives.

  5. Create a target persona: Based on the research we conducted in Greater London coupled with our product direction, we pulled together attributes observed to create our target persona, Jessica, the event planner.

  6. Go broad: In addition to what we observed in the current “payroll” space, I wanted the team to think outside of the box. So I lead the team in an analogous experience research activity to help push us to think outside of just how payroll and software experiences are today.

  7. Establish our principles: From both our customer and analogous research I lead an exercise to establish our experience principles to ladder up to a delightful experience.

  8. Tell the story: I then took the principles, segmented out the principles into three blocks of an overall experience journey. I broke up the group into teams with the mission to tell the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

  9. Refine the story: After the workshop, I took the bones of what the team had established to refine the storyline, add fun details, and worked with a graphic designer and voice actor to pull the story together.


  • Design principles, customer journey map, and vision were used for guiding the 2-year out product roadmap and experiences built

  • Design principles are used for teaching sales agents the value of QuickBooks payroll in the UK

  • Vision video is used for team on boarding and garnering excitement from the product team

  • Workshop resulted in better synergy across cross functional partnerships and restored faith in design as a function

Link to snippet of vision video