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Payroll Vision 

Role: Lead designer


Project Goal

To create a 3 year out vision of what the experience is of small business owners using QuickBooks to manage their workforce to unite and excite the working team



Conduct & lead research

Coordinated, conducted, & facilitated over 25 hour-long research sessions to better understand our target demographic


Synthesize learnings

Facilitated the synthesis of our learnings across the cross-functional team comprised of product management, engineering, compliance, and care


Think outside of what's possible

Pushed the team through leading an analogous research session to better understand what solving similar problems in different product experiences feels like


Establish experience principles

Facilitated the cross-functional team to build upon our learnings and establish the future experience principles for employers


Create a vision story

Facilitated the creation of the vision story to ensure the cross-functional team had buy-in on the future of QuickBooks Payroll


Refine & finalize vision story

Took the work the team did and continued to refine the story outline and narrative based on learnings. Worked with a graphic designer to visualize the story and coordinated with a voice artist to bring the story to life.

This work is currently being used to direct unreleased product work so the full story is confidential.


Higher-engaged team excited and inspired for the future product experience

Clarified experience design principles that guided the product roadmap

Increased cross-functional partner interest in design processes & thinking